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By claire , Sep 23 2015 11:05AM

New Autumn/ Winter season has started to arrive in store with gorgeous dress designs up to a size 20 ! These will be uploaded to the website once the images have been received but can be seen in store or via our Facebook page.

New exciting brands will be in the Boutique ready for the new sparkly store opening in Leamington spa. We hope you ladies can join us in store from middle of November! The Redditch store will be closing its doors on October 10th however we still have the website, facebook, instagram and twitters sites showcasing our items and a new 'At Home' service will be launching for you ladies who require a personal service in the Redditch area.

A big huge thank you to everyones support with the move its such an exciting time at Claire Marie HQ we cant wait to continue to expand the business with new stores, brands and customers!


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